Tree Planting Project

Healthy for you and the planet too!
A tree planting project is a great way for students to give back to their communities.  Not only is a tree cherished asset on any piece of land it is also healthy activity for a students of all ages.  Shoveling soil, moving rocks and debris is great physical exercise!

Trees are often planted for ecological reasons.  Many areas damaged by natural disasters or industrial degradation need trees to keep soil structures in place.  Excessive rain can wash away top soil but trees and other plants keep the ground in place.  Trees provide habitats for local and migratory bird species, as well as shade for streams and others bodies of water which is beneficial to aquatic life.  Seek out local restoration organizations or wildlife areas that may be in need of volunteer help.  Often they can provide the trees and materials necessary to complete a planting, so long as you can provide the labor.

Trees are also planted  for symbolic purposes. Trees are planted in honor of alumni, retiring teachers or members of the school community who have passed away.  Trees remind us of the fragility and beauty of life. A tree can outlive generations of people and therefore it becomes a powerful reminder of the schools past as well as it’s future.

City parks, nursing homes, and nonprofit organizations can benefit by having trees planted on their property. School grounds are also a great place to plant a tree, as it enhances beautification and provides educational opportunities for students.

In addition school planting projects tree planting projects are a great way for student councils to team build. They teach cooperation and hard work with the added benefit of a tree planted for a good cause.