The Keys to Success

The Keys to Success.

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Many individuals my age and within my generation are focused on trends, fitting in, and keeping up with other people’s lives. Due to the increase in social media use and other forms of instant gratification, many of these people in my generation are not able to think for themselves and they are not able to make proper decisions for them regarding their future. Instant gratification is the killer of dreams. Comfort is the killer of dreams. Many young individuals are hooked on instant gratification which has detrimental effects on the brain. I would like to provide some advice for those individuals that would like to change their lives and stick with their goals and achieve their dreams. Although it would be better to start at a young age, you don’t necessarily have to be young to start. Age doesn’t matter for success.

Step 1: Create a Plan and Vision

A great friend once urged me to write every single detail about my goals and exactly how to achieve them. I didn’t take him seriously at first, but one night, him and I got on a call, and I wrote all my goals and wrote down exactly how I’m going to achieve them. This has helped me tremendously. By writing down all your goals, you would be able to recall better and you would be more likely to stick with the plan until you achieve it. Have a vision, dream big! imagine and picture what success would look like for you. Everyone has their own definition of success, many relate success to having a lot of wealth and many relate success to finding peace and making time for many people that they love. Don’t just imagine what success would look like after you make it. Picture and imagine the process. Picture how you’re going to do it every day, try to picture what every day will look like. If you picture the process, you would be more likely to achieve your goals. You have to love the process of success.

Step 2: Cut off Negativity

Take a minute to think of all the people that are frequently negative and put you down, think of all the individuals that are not goal oriented and are not willing to put effort to achieve their goals. If there are people in your life that are not goal oriented and are constantly negative, you should cut them off since the group and the people you around have the biggest impact on you in terms of your future and success. The group you hang out with today predicts the person you are tomorrow and in years to come. Hang out and spend time with like-minded people, people that have the same goals and mindset as you, people that empower and support you for your decisions and bring out the best in you. These friendships influence the person you are shapes your personality and enable you to be more positive over a period of time. Instead of being around people who negatively affect you, you can be around people who challenge you for the better. My friends who have the same passion as me challenge me and mentor me for the better, this allows me to expand my knowledge in my own field of interest and be competitive.

Step 3: Know Your Worth

Many people have a problem with self-love. Self-love is important since it allows you to accept yourself and make healthy choices in life. Self-love helps motivates and boost your confidence. Self-love can also allow you to set high standards which is important when choosing your circle and choosing the friends that you would like to spend your time with. Self-love allows you to find your passion and stick with it, self-love allows you to be more confident and more sociable. Being social is important and I will go more in-depth on why being social is important later throughout this article. Self-love helps many individuals to be more grateful for the little things in life and live life with more satisfaction. With self-love, you would be able to conquer anything with a positive mindset and overcome obstacles much more effectively. Set high standards for yourself, and be picky with friends. Don’t lower your standards for anyone. Practice gratitude towards others and learn to manage your time and avoid people who waste your time. The best way to avoid someone and leave a conversation that is negative and that doesn’t affect you positively is to communicate your feelings with them. If someone avoids you or ghosts you, don’t disturb them. Avoid gossip, gossip is a bad habit that many people possess and it’s just not healthy for obvious reasons, learn to respect others, and soon you’d have valuable connections and many individuals to rely on. Be a good listener, listening is a skill, be attentive and show full attention to individuals that you trust and that you care for.

Step 4: Create a Routine & Practice Self-discipline

Having a good routine would allow you to build good habits much more effectively. A good routine can help you with your mental health as well and having a routine would allow you to achieve your goals much more effectively. Self-discipline is essential for success. You can watch all the motivational videos and read a whole bunch of motivational quotes and feel motivated one day but the next day your not going to have the same motivation to do anything. Self-discipline allows you to stick to your goals and routine regardless of your emotion. Many individuals online would tell you to do things when you don’t feel like it, and it’s true. When you try to tackle your daily goals, you might encounter a stage of analysis paralysis. You encounter analysis paralysis when you have so many goals and tasks that you want to complete in a day. If you encounter this stage, just start. It’s easier said than done, I get it. Take cleaning your room as an example, if you just start cleaning your room instead of overthinking how you’re going to clean your room, you’re going to start to see progress and eventually clean your room. Plan and write down a routine that you would like to follow after that, wake up every day, and just begin. Show true passion for what you do, even if it’s boring, keep a positive mindset, and complete everything with full effort. Learn to take proper breaks. You must learn to rest properly, not quit. If you think you truly deserve it, take a break for a day or two and do things you love. A lot of people feel guilty for taking breaks but it’s important. Trust me, I’ve had those days where I’m completely burnt out and I wish I would have taken at least one break to avoid that since I would have been much more efficient in completing my tasks.

Step 5: Practice Gratitude

Success isn’t all about getting everything you want. You have to appreciate the little things that life has for you. Gratitude makes you happier and boosts your confidence. The best way to practice gratitude is gratitude journaling. Get a piece of paper, write down the date and start writing everything that you’re grateful for, it can literally be anything. If you are grateful for the bed you sleep on, write it down. By writing “I am grateful for” and the object or person yours grateful for, it’ll boost your confidence and happiness, and overall when you are mad or sad about certain things going on in your life, you’d be able to recall everything you wrote down and you’d be happy overall. Gratitude journaling might sound pretty lame and boring to some but it has some positive side effects. Try it!

Step 6: Meet New People (Networking)

Meeting new individuals and socializing is a crucial step toward success. By meeting new people, you would be able to make more friends and exchange ideas and information. Meet people who have the same goals and aspirations as you, talk to a mentor, and talk to individuals that can help you achieve your goals. The best way I was able to meet new people was through social media platforms such as Discord, Instagram, and Snapchat. I’ve always had a passion for programming and business, in order to expand my knowledge and gain ideas and information about programming and careers, I just joined a whole bunch of programming discord servers, and not only was I able to help people, but many people were also able to help me and exchange information with me. You would be able to achieve so much with a team of individuals as passionate as you are important. By meeting new people you can collaborate, create new projects, and do things that you thought were unimaginable. A group of passionate people can be very powerful in a world like ours. So start networking with people and socialize!

Step 7: Be Consistent

Consistency and Commitment are essential for those who want to be successful. To be committed, you have to be consistent in what you do. For example, if you are a YouTuber, in order for you to be recognized and gain more views and attraction, you have to upload and put effort into videos consistently and slowly, you would start to gain attraction, start to gain more sponsors, and make a profit in general. Success doesn’t happen over time, and as many people say, it happens slowly and it takes time. If you are consistent with what you do, you would become luckier and more successful eventually, your going to gain recognition and everything will work out in the end. Being consistent allows you to gain more experience and with more experience, comes more wisdom! Your dream should scare you and excite you a little bit as well!

Step 8: Starve your Distractions, Feed your Focus

In order for you to be successful, you must give up old habits that affect you negatively. Quitting bad habits is not as easy as they sound, it can be hard. My biggest advice for those who find it hard to give up bad habits is to socialize with other people, hang out and get to know others, and keep yourself busy. Keeping yourself busy with either school work, extracurriculars, or even a passion, job or hobby would allow you to be more productive. You would starve your distractions and feed your focus. If you are unable to quit certain habits, just get up and work out for a bit. Working out can release endorphins that allow you to find more joy and happiness in what you are doing. Time management is key. As mentioned earlier, creating a routine can significantly impact you in a positive way. Time management would allow you to get the most out of your time and stick with certain good habits and allow you to quit things that you have wanted to quit. Journaling can also help, when you are tempted to do certain things, instead of trying to fight back the urge, observe it and identify what emotions you are feeling when thinking about it.

Step 9: Be in Good Physical & Mental Health

Both mental and physical health is crucial for success. Having a good mentality would allow you to conquer many obstacles that life throws at you. Good mental health can allow you to persevere a lot of pain and good mental health makes you more mature and make more wise decisions. Good mental health allows you to be more committed to what you do. In order to have good mental health, practice gratitude, endorse yourself in nature, and most importantly, take care of your body! Taking breaks to take walks and explore nature would allow you to see the true beauty of the world and overall make you happier. Taking care of your body is important as well since a healthy body creates a good mood and positive behavior. You feel more enlightened after caring for your own body.


I hope this article has helped many of you to have a good idea and a good foundation for success. Making money and gaining wealth is important and is a big part of success however, happiness and freedom as well as the ability to have a multitude of options for enjoyment is a success. The process that gets you to success is also what many individuals start to love. Check out my socials and follow for more tips!

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