Student Council Slogans

Tips for creating memorable slogans for student council campaigns


So what is a slogan anyway? Here’s one definition:


Slogans assign value to a candidate or an idea.

Slogans can be written in the perspective of the:

  • First Person (“I like cheeseburgers!”)
  • Second Person (“You like cheeseburgers!”)
  • or Third Person (“He/She likes cheeseburgers” or “Cheeseburgers rule!”)

A slogan’s value can be:

  • Positive (Good)
  • or Negative (Bad)

Historical Example #1: “I Like Ike”

One of the most memorable campaign slogans in United States history was written for Dwight D. Eisenhower’s 1952 Presidential campaign.

The slogan, “I like Ike” was a simple yet brilliant play on the Eisenhower’s nickname and a rallying cry for the nation. It’s an example of a positive, first-person, candidate slogan.

Historical Example #2: Dukakis in 1988

Michael Dukakis greets citizens. (Source: Wikipedia.)

Michael Dukakis was the longest serving Governor in the history of Massachusetts. He was also a democratic candidate for President in 1988.

One of Dukakis’ slogans that year was “Good jobs at good wages.” This is an example of a positive (uses the word “good” twice!), idea-focused slogan (jobs & wages), third-person slogan. It is third person because it does not refer to the candidate but makes a general statement that anyone could say.

Historical Example #3: Goldwater in 1964

Barry Goldwater was a U.S. Senator from Arizona who ran as a Republican presidential candidate in 1964. One of his slogans was, “In your heart, you know he’s right.” This is an example of a positive, second-person, candidate-focused slogan. It is second person because it speaks directly to the reader (“You”) just as a second person might.

How to write your own slogan

Student council slogans are your campaign’s core message condensed into a handful of memorable words.  The question you must ask is, “What specific information or emotion do I want others to have to convince them to vote for me?”

The most obvious answer to that question is that you want to tell others to vote for you.  In fact, that’s the kind of slogan many professional campaigns adopt, no frills, just “Vote for Joe Smith, City Dog Catcher.”

It seems simple enough.  But is such a simple slogan truly effective?

It may be effective if people know enough about you, your ideas and where you stand on the important issues.  But what if they don’t really know you at all?  Will a simple “Vote for me” tagline be enough to woo the masses?  Maybe what you need is a more effective slogan that captures the essence of who you are and what you’re passionate about.

Consider the following:

1. Student Council Slogans can assign a value to your name or idea.

Let’s say your name really is Jane Smith and your running for student council vice-president.  Maybe you want to come up with a slogan that gives a certain value or feeling when others think of your name.  Examples might be:

“Jane Smith for Vice-President.  She’s really great!”
“Jane Smith. She cares about the little children.”

See where we’re going with this?  When making a slogan, consider putting a word or short phrase that captures a feeling and tells others what you’re all about.  The only thing to be careful of is to make sure that what you claim to be is an accurate description of who you really are – not something full of half-truths or empty promises.

AVOID THIS: “Jane Smith. She’ll give a fancy car and a stack of cash to everyone in town!”

2. Slogans can define a future desirable condition 

So what do we mean when we say “a future desirable condition”?  We’re talking about a vision of the future that people will really enjoy.  Maybe morale around your school is pretty low.  People may be seeking a leader who can provide some fun and new ideas.  Let’s say you’re name is Obadiah Tumwater and you’re running for 5th grade class secretary.  Try this on for size:

“Obadiah Tumwater. Making school the best part of your day!”
“Obadiah Tumwater. Taking the ‘s’ and ‘h’ out of school to make it cool!”

In other words, your slogan can point the way, telling others where you should go.  It’s a collective vision for a better and brighter tomorrow.

3. Slogans can contain a call to action!

Some of the key words we talk about when discussing ‘calls to action’ are words like: “Elect”, “Vote”, “Join”, “Support”, etc.  They try to motivate people to get off their cans and do something!

478 Student Council Slogan Ideas

<your name> is number one
<school mascot> pride!
A class act
A clear favorite
A credible leader
A man/woman of the people
A man/woman you can trust
A new day is coming
A penny saved is a penny earned
A promise made is a promise kept
A proven leader
A proven track record
A sandwich in every lunch box
A solid choice
A strong voice
Above average leadership
Abundant ideas
Accelerating progress
Achieve more
Act boldly
Aim high
All for our school
All-star leadership
Always on your side
Amazing results
An obvious choice
Anything is possible
Armed with the truth
As big as you can dream
Ascending higher
Ask and you shall receive
Be more
Be yourself
Begin the journey
Begin your journey today
Behold the power of democracy
Believe and you will achieve
Believe with your heart
Best in class
Better activities
Better results for you
Bold ideas
Bolder. Brighter. Better.
Boom goes the dynamite
Born free
Boundless energy
Brave leadership
Breaking with tradition
Brighter days lie ahead
Bringing hope back
Brokering goodwill
Building a better future
Building a road to tomorrow
Building bridges
Called to greatness
Called to serve
Calm, cool and collected
Capacity for greatness
Catch the feeling
Catch the vision
Catch the wave
Champion of the people
Change for the better
Change is a good thing
Change we can believe in
Character matters
Come join us
Committed to you
Compassion for all
Compassionate leadership
Contagious Leadership
Cool kid
Courage to act
Courage to lead
Credibility matters
Dare to believe
Decisions you can trust
Deeds not words
Deep down we’re all the same
Democracy rules!
Dependable leadership
Determined to work for you
Dig deep
Diligence every day
Discover the possibilities
Doing it right the first time
Doing what’s right
Don’t give up
Don’t knock it till you try it
Don’t leave tomorrow to chance
Don’t stop believing
Don’t swap horses in midstream
Dream big
Driven by purpose
Earning your trust
Encouraging others
Enduring leadership
Enough is enough
Envision the future
Essential leadership
Everyone is someone
Excellence personified
Expect more
Expect the unexpected
Experience you can trust
Experienced leadership
Facing the tough issues
Failure is not an option
Fantastic ideas
Far from ordinary
Faster. Better. Stronger.
Fear is not an option
Fighting for what matters
Fighting in your corner
Filled with hope
Finding a better way
Finding common ground
Fixing what’s broken
Focused on results
Focused on the basics
Following the golden rule
For God and Country
For the best year ever
For the good of the school
For the greater good
Formidable ideas
Fostering the people
Free your mind
Freedom is forever
Fresh ideas
Friend to all
Friends helping friends
From here you can go anywhere
Fueling the fire
Full of good ideas
Fundamentally better
Get out and vote!
Getting my groove on
Getting results
Getting the job done right
Getting things done
Gifted leader
Give ‘em Heck!
Giving back to the community
Giving it my all
Giving you a voice
Giving you the choice
Go against the current
Go for the gold
Go forth
Go Green
Go with a proven winner
Go with your gut
Going farther
Going the distance
Good call
Good choice
Got  _______?
Great ideas
Great things will happen
Grounded in the truth
Grow. Share. Believe.
Growing. Serving.
Guided by sound principles
Had enough?
Hands down favorite
Hard driving leadership
Have faith
Have you wished for more ?
He/she will fight for you!
Head in the clouds
Feet on the ground.
Heading in the right direction
Heartfelt leadership
Help me fight
Help me, help you
Help when you need it
Helping the environment
Here begins the journey
Here goes everything
Here to serve you
Hidden potential in all
History in the making
Hold on tight
Hometown pride
Honesty is my middle name
Honing in on solutions
Hope on the horizon I agree with <name>
I am not a quitter
I am one of you
I believe in you
I brainstorm in my sleep
I keep my promises
I like <name>
I won’t take “no” for an answer
I’ll find the answer
I’ll make you proud
I’ll never quit
I’m a lover not a fighter
I’m just wild about <name>
I’m thinking what you’re thinking
I’ve got your back
Idealist by nature
Ideas are contagious
Ideas are free
Ideas for a better tomorrow
Ideas matter
Ideas that matter
Ideas to spare
If it isn’t broke don’t fix it
If you can dream it, we’ll achieve it
If you can’t beat’em join’em
If you don’t vote, you can’t complain
Imagine something better
Imagine what we can do
Impressive skills
Impressive skills
In the footsteps of giants
In your heart, you know I’m right
Independent. Determined.
Industrious leadership
Infinite possibilities
Instinctive leadership
It will be a brighter day
It’s time for a change
Join our cause
Join us
Jump on the bandwagon
Just keep swimming
Justice for all
Keep hope alive
Keep moving forward
Keep on keeping on
Keep smiling
Keep the faith
Keep your head up
Keeping a sacred trust
Keeping it real
Keeping your concerns in mind
Keeping your ideas in mind
Know your rights
Lead with your heart
Leadership matters
Leadership with a smile
Leadership you can trust
Leading by example
Leading with my heart
Leave no one behind
Legendary leadership
Lend me your voices
Lend me your votes
Less talk, more action
Let my brain work for you
Let the force be with you
Let the good times roll
Let your dreams take flight
Let’s make our school great again
Lift a shout
Lighting the way
Like no one else
Live life to the fullest
Live like you mean it
Looking out for you
Make love not war
Making a contribution
Making a difference
Making the grade
More than just a pretty face
Motivated to serve
Moving forward
My best foot forward
My word is my bond
Never compromise
Never doubt
Never fear, <name> is here
Never had it so good
Never look back
Never settle for less
Never surrender
Never underestimate hope
New ideas from a proven leader
New standard for excellence
No guts, no glory.
No mountain too high
No nonsense leadership
No one can deliver like I can
No problemo
No regrets
Number one for me
Oh thank heaven
On firm foundations
On to the future!
One people, united
Onward to victory
Onward! Upward!
Open door policy
Open mind. Open doors.
Our destiny awaits
Outstanding work ethic
Pay it forward
Peace and prosperity
Peace through strength
People come first
Power to the people
Powerful ideas
Prepare to be amazed
Presidential material
Proud of who I am
Proud to be a <school mascot>
Pulling out all the stops
Purpose driven leadership
Qualities of greatness
Quintessential leadership
Quit settling for second best
Quit whining. Start voting.
Quit? Me? Never!
Raise the roof
Raise your hand
Rally around <name>
Reach for the stars
Reaching for higher ground
Read to listen
Ready for liftoff
Ready on day one
Ready to Lead
Realize your potential
Rebuilding our proud tradition
Reinventing student council
Reinvigorating school spirit
Remember our past
Renewing our sacred trust
Reputation for results
Restoring confidence
Restoring trust
Results matter
Reviving our spirits
Right here. Right now.
Rising tide lifts all boats
Rock steady
Rooted in tradition
Running to win
Safer school for everyone
Safety First
Saving the day
Savor the flavor of victory
School pride runs deep
Seeing the big picture
Seeing the good in everyone
Seize the day
Service with a smile
She flies on her own wings
Shine on! Shine on!
Solid reputation
Solving the big problems
Somethings gotta give
Speak loudly and proudly
Speak softly, carry big ideas
Speaking my mind
Speaking truth to power
Speaking with actions
Speaking with one voice
Spread the word
Stand for what’s right
Stay the course
Sticking it to the man
Still waters run deep
Stop the insanity
Stranger to no one
Strike gold
Superb credentials
Supremely qualified
Surprisingly good leadership
Tackling the tough issues
Take a chance
Take care of the earth
Take courage
Take it or leave it
Take the high road
Take the plunge
Taking action for you
Taking on the big challenges
Taking the high road
Talent to spare
Tell your friends
Telling it like it is
The answer is in the wind
The answer to your prayers
The better choice
The big cheese
The cause endures
The dream lives on
The future belongs to you
The makings of a great leader
The man/woman with the plan
The open door
The people have spoken
The people rule
The people united can never be divided
The people’s president
The person who cares
The possibilities are endless
The power of good ideas
The power of ideas
The power of positive thinking
The queen of the council
The right choice
The road to victory
The torch has been passed
The view looks great from here
The voice of change
The work goes on
There is too much at stake
Think locally.  Act globally.
Together everyone achieve more
Together everyone achieves more
Together we can do more
Together we win
Tomorrow is brighter than today
Too cool for school
Too good to resist
Trust but verify
Trust what we can do together
Trusted by everyone
Trustworthy leader
Try it. You might like it!
Tuned in to what’s going on
Turning ideas into reality
Unbreakable bonds
Uncommon leadership
Undeniable commitment
Understanding of all
United we stand, divided we fall
Unleashing the power within
Unparalleled quality
Unperturbed by anything
Unrelenting energy
Unspeakable greatness
Unstoppable force
Unyielding commitment
Utilizing the best ideas
Very good leadership
Vibrant leadership
Victorious for the people
Victory for the people
Virtue. Liberty & Independence
Vote for a real change
Vote for me Vote like you mean it
Vote with your eyes wide open
Vote with your feet
Vote with your heart
Vote your conscience
Vote your conscience
We are united
We dare to dream
We love <name>
We shall overcome
We stand united
We take care of our own
We’re all above average
Who else?
Why not?
Win one for the Gipper
Wise choice Working for you
Worth a second look
Yes we can!
Yielding positive results
You can count on me
You deserve better
You know where I stand
You know you want to
You never know till you try
You won’t regret it
You’ve got a friend in me
Your future awaits
Your voice on council
Zombies are coming! Just kidding.