Student Council Posters

Student Council Posters: Ideas

Campaign posters have three or four basic components which can be used interchangeably.

1. Your name:
Probably the most important bit of information.  You are advertising yourself as a leader of the people.  Be sure to put your name on there with bold fonts!

2. The position you are vying for:
Let it be seen clearly which position you are a candidate for.

3. A call to action:
This is a word that prompts the reader to take action.  Common words include “Vote”, “Re-elect”, “Choose”, etc.

4. A Slogan:
This is a short and catchy one-liner that stays in the reader’s mind. It assigns value to you the candidate or something you strongly believe in.  “Vote for Change,” “Taking a stand,” “Say No to Sloppy Joe.”  (For more ideas see our Slogans Section)

5. Election dates and other information
Some poster will have information such as the dates of the election and locations to vote.  You may consider putting a internet address or social media name to point people to your web presence.