Homelessness Awareness Overnight Event

Generate an understanding of your community’s most urgent needs

A new type of service project that many schools are adopting is an overnight homelessness awareness event.  It usually entails students spending the night on the school campus or elsewhere in the community utilizing tents or cardboard boxes for shelter, experiencing the sensation of being homeless and what it’s like to sleep outside in inclement weather.

Student groups can be assembled into teams and receive sponsorships from local businesses and individuals. The proceeds can be given to a local shelter or nonprofit that addresses homelessness issues.

Students may be requested to bring their own clothing and basic provisions such as tents, food, sleeping bags, etc. Often students will be asked to leave electronic devices at home. Portable washroom facilities can be provided for use during the event. You may also request a local police officer or paramedic or an off-duty parents police officer to provide basic security.

This unique event provides students a first-hand experience of the uncomfortably long nights and severe conditions that homeless individuals often suffer. The event is a great way to introduce these social issues to students and raise funds for area non-profits seeking to address the issue of homelessness.

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