How do I get good grades in high school?

6 Steps to Get Good Grades in High School.

A common question that I get from students that want good grades is, “How do I get good grades in high school?”. Some don’t tell you, the way to get good grades in high school is not by studying for 6 hours or what not, a lot of it has to do with sleep, inorganization and most importantly a lack of commitment. This page will help you build strategies on how to gain higher grades with tips that help you outside of your studies!

Step 1: Get Organized! 

In order to get organized, you first need to have a clean environment. Studies have shown that having a clean and organized environment allows you to focus on your work much more efficiently. Studies don’t have to show this, this is self-explanatory. First priority should be a clean environment. Second priority should be to make a to-do list with all important deadlines. By having a clean environment and an important to-do list, you can begin to track your progress. You can use software’s such as Notion or Momentum to create a to-do list!

Step 2: One Thing At a Time.

Students try to tackle any problems all at once and although it feels good to be doing multiple things, it’s simply not efficient! For maximum efficiency, start doing one thing at a time. This allows you to put full focus and effort into one thing and finish it much faster. Doing one thing at a time would allow you to do much more meaningful work and allow you to enter into a flow state of deep focus.

Step 3: Maximize Your Time at School.

We have all been there, bored in class thinking we got nothing better to do. Believe it or not, school time is the best time to learn and best time to complete work because this not only shows your teacher that you are committed, it also allows you to be more productive and complete tasks within a shorter period of time. While you are in class, listen attentively, ask questions and most importantly, complete as much work as you can in class. This advice given is basic, however, it works to your advantage when you are trying to achieve high grades. In school, work should be your number one priority.

Step 4: Learn Some Note-taking skills Asap!

Note Taking Format (Fig.1)

Note-taking skills are important since they enable you to extract important information to learn later. Many of us have switched to Google Docs or Microsoft Word as a way to take notes. This is fine but taking old school hand-written notes are known to be much more effective. They require more work but its worth it for the long run! It’s been shown that paper note taking has allowed many to retain certain information much longer. A good note taking method is shown in Fig.1. As you can see, there is a massive title on top, that should clearly emphasize what the topic is about. There is a section dedicated for main notes and key thoughts, that should cover everything you have learned in class. At the bottom, there is a summary section. That section should be clear and concise and should summarize everything you have learned.

Step 5: Manage Your Time Wisely!

Time management is key to getting good grades in high school. The reason time management is important is because it allows you to prioritize as well as complete tasks much more efficiently. A good way to manage time is to create a routine daily. Plan your day with a good balance of social life and academics. Add fun things to your schedule as well as time for homework and studying. Your schedule should have a good balance of study sessions, homework and time for yourself. Time management also allows you to avoid distractions and make the most out of your time. You can use free apps such as google calendar to plan your day.

Step 6: Take Care of Yourself.

Self-care is more important than school. A healthy body will lead to a healthy mind! To take care of yourself you need to clean your body everyday, that includes taking a shower, maybe a skin routine and properly cleansing your body. Second thing you would need to do is, workout and keep your body fit. Eating healthy would boost your mood making you feel more energized and happy. Third thing to do is to take walks and embrace nature. Go outside daily and make the most of your time while out. Fourth thing to do is sleep well. Make sure you get 8 to 9 hours of sleep, do not be that guy that considers himself to be a “hustler” that “grinds” while everyone is sleeping. In order to perform well academically and outside of your academics, your body needs to be well rested. Sleep allows your body to heal and store information much more effectively. Many students stay up too late studying and completing homework, staying up late to get extra hours of study time will not help you in the future since you are losing sleep and sleep is important for any human to function, its logic. Sleep well and maybe track your sleep! Use SleepCycle, A free app that allows you to track the quality of your sleep and how long you have slept. This would give you a good idea of when and how to sleep!


These are 6 steps that will help you achieve high grades. Not only will this advice help you with school, it would help you outside of school and would help with your health! We will keep you updated as per usual with similar posts and good advice!