About Student Council Pro

Student Council Pro was created by Isaac Myhrum and is now lead by Phil Mootheril.

At his small high school in Cambridge, Ontario, Phil created various opportunities to put his content out there. He had the opportunity of teaching grades higher than him computer science, as he was skilled in Python.

Taking the lessons he acquired from those experiences, Phil started creating articles about success, self-improvement and self-love. He joined his schools student council in order to help his school. He has created  numerous applications to assist him and his friends such as a bot that logs into his online classes at a certain time or a web scraping application that gets the latest prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Binance and Cardano.

Phil has took lead of Student Council Pro to share his experiences with Student Council as well as assist other Student Council groups from all over!

For any questions pertaining to the site, please contact: studentcouncilpro “at” gmail.com.