About Student Council Pro

My name is Phil Mootheril. I’m an 18 year old entrepreneur. I’m the Founder at Ampliwave Marketing Solutions and the lead of Student Council Pro. I have built this platform to teach students what schools do not teach, along with fundamentals on how to drive your student council groups from your school to success! Business, marketing, and finance have always been my passions. I own a marketing agency called Ampliwave Marketing Solutions (https://ampliwave.net) where I help small to large businesses with their marketing, website development and social media with my tailored services. These skills have helped me develop Student Council Pro to what it is today. It is my vision to build a platform that is accessible to every person so they can learn more about the world they live in, stay up-to-date on finance news, and most importantly gain a better understanding of modern finance than they get from school.

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